USPS Delayed Mail/Package

Sometimes if a mail or package has not reached its destination within the expected time frame, then it is delayed or rerouted because of unusual circumstances.

If your package hasn’t arrived its destination within the giving time period then it may be probably be delayed or lost. If that has happened then there are few things that you should do:

Check the tracking

Before you contact USPS about your delayed mail/package, you should check the current status of your mail as to find out more about it. If there is no status available or the information has not changed then you should contact USPS about your package and provide them with your tracking number.

Contact the Shipper

If you don’t have the tracking number or delivery receipt then you should contact the shipper for further information on your expected mail that you has been delayed or lost.

Once you have sufficient information, track the item if possible and contact USPS with as many details as possible.

Contact Local Post Office

Your Local Post Office will have sufficient information regarding your mail/package and it should be able to address most of your concerns regarding your mail/package being delayed and also inform you about the cause of delay.