USPS Hold Mail

Are you too busy that your parcel might be sent back because you are unable to pick it up? With USPS Postal Service this is not a problem. USPS offers a service called USPS Hold Mail which allows your parcel to be held at a USPS office for a few days whilst you’re away from home and unable to pick the parcel. Your parcel will be stored at a local Post Office while you’re away.

This service is free of any cost and requires you only to notify the carrier and ask him to hold the parcel. You needn’t visit any post office as this can easily be done online.

How to avail USPS Hold Mail Service?

  1. You can notify the USPS about holding your order up to 30 days in advance, or before the next scheduled delivery day. To do so;
  2. Visit the Hold Mail Service Page of USPS
  3. Find out if the Hold Mail Service is available for your address.
  4. Specify your address and enter the required details including name, city, phone number and email address.
  5. If the Hold Mail service is available for your address then specific the both starting and end dates for USPS Hold Mail.
  6. Select how you want to pick your order whether the postman should bring it or you will pick it up yourself!

USPS offers hold services from 3 days up to 30 days. Your parcel can be stored at any local post office for up to 30 days.